Vertically integrated SOlutions

The Supply Chain Problem

As currently configured, the semiconductor supply chain is horizontal; extensive logistics and effort are required to manage a fragmented group of manufacturers.  Parts are manufactured, shipped, assembled, and inspected across multiple enterprises, reducing accountability and increasing cycle time.  Time and energy are wasted on activities that add no value.

Long Lead Times

increased Costs

Sprawling Vendor Base

Multiple Points of Accountability

The SOlution: NxEdge’s integrated capability advantage

NxEdge offers a vertically integrated solution that addresses the primary issues faced by the semiconductor supply chain.  We provide machining, surface modifications, coatings, cleanings, and analytics.  Our in-house operations and end-to-end processes enable us to perform multiple steps to deliver high-quality, completed parts with improved turn-around times and lower overall cost.  We also believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, and the overall growth in our industry allows us to develop win-win partnerships with other participants in our supply chain.  By collaborating with our supply chain while offering a broad range of capabilities under one roof, we deliver our products with the convenience and assurance of a single point of accountability.

Short Lead Times

Lower Costs

REduced Vendor Base

Single Point of Accountability

Markets Served

semiconductor Industry

For the highly technology intensive and yield-sensitive semiconductor fabrication environment, only the most qualified companies manufacture and service components that directly impact fabrication processes such as etch chambers and shower heads. NxEdge is a strategic Original Parts Manufacturing (OPM) supplier to leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).  We also service fabrication customers directly on cleaning and refurbishment of various process sensitive components.

As customers increasingly demand broad capabilities under one-roof, NxEdge is strategically positioned to provide broad products & services.

From lifetime-extending coatings for current generation components to high performance coatings for next generation components, NxEdge has the engineering depths and experiences to meet the semiconductor industry’s most challenging application performance requirements.