Spares, refurbishment & Proprietary Process

After machining, NxEdge offers surface treatments such as anodizing & plating or coating, cleaning & analytics that improve part performance and refurbishment services that extends part lifecycles.

Coating, Cleaning & Analytics

Appropriate for wet chemical process applications, these coatings resist corrosive chemicals and withstand high temperatures.

Proprietary and copy-exact advanced engineered material solutions for optimal application performance.

Cleaning and revitalizing capabilities that preserve coating integrity and extend component life.

Quality management and operational efficiency supported by a Total Quality Management program.

NxEdge refurbishes and recoats components used within semiconductor fab and foundry facilities.

NxEdge provides refurbishment and recoating of components used within IDM semiconductor fab and foundry facilities.


NxEdge’s AceCo brand repair services provide our customer base with like-new components without the like-new price tag. Our repair team’s focus is Quality and Customer Service.

Anodizing & Plating

Semiconductor-grade Type II and Type III anodization to meet the most advanced applications.
Precious metal and Electroless plating driven by decades of innovation and supported by our team of chemists and process engineers.