NxEdge’s AceCo repairs, refurbishes, cleans and tests a variety of electro-mechanical and pneumatic equipment used in high vacuum CVD, MOCVD, PVD, ALD and FPD processes including those used in solar, flat panel display, OLED and semiconductor manufacture. Some examples of equipment we refurbish are:

    • High Vacuum Valves – Chamber isolation, load lock isolation, pendulum and pressure proportioning control valves. Models supported include CKD, HVA, MKS, Norcal, SMC and VAT.
    • Heater Pedestals, Chucks and Susceptors
    • Photolithography Track Hot and Chill Plates
    • Ferrofluidic Seals and Feed-Through Assemblies
    • Actuators and Cylinders
    • CMP and DNS Track equipment
    • Wafer Handling Robots and Transfer Systems